CCTV Security Systems

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Closed circuit television, CCTV is the number one deterrent of crime, it can be used to protect your home or business and is suitable in towns city's and the countryside. CCTV is considered to be one of the most effective method of reducing crime.

Because CCTV Securtiy Systems can be used to provide a records of not only crime but day today events, there are other benefits to having a CCTV security system within a business or even home, such as increasing staff efficiency and reducing staff related theft.

The CCTV Securtiy Systems that we install are available with a range of different functions, they can be static and focused on a single point, or can pan, tilt and zoom there movement being controlled by operators or a preprogrammed tour to cover a series areas.

Are CCTV Securtiy Systems can them be installed in a number of different ways depending on your property and its weak points, there are overt installations which serve as a deterrent, or covert installations which are not openly apparent. These systems can then deliver and store information in a number of different ways,

internet cableRemote site monitoring

Remote monitoring ensures security an investment go further by minimising costs and maximising protection of people, property and assets. Giving you all the benefits of 24/7 protection without the need for a permanently manned site presence.

Systems over IP

Managed IP CCTV monitoring changes the way video is accessed, controlled and stored. Fully managed services allows your IT and security staff to concentrate on core tasks while expert CCTV service providers proactively look after fault management and remote fibre opticsdiagnosis

Fibre Optic Systems - Coming Soon!

Fibre Optic systems, use connections between a local sensor unit or units and a control unit which are established by flexible optical light fibre guides. Fiber optic systems offer superior transmission quality, higher information carrying capacity are lightweight, with reduced maintenance needs and improved reliability.


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