Burglar Alarms

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Intruder alarms act as both protection and deterrent to would be criminals, whilst ensuring that police and employees are alerted to an emergency as soon as possible. Criminal damage and theft costs businesses and home owners millions of pounds every year.

At Signal securities we asses your home or business and design your system according to your needs, and requirements. Systems can involve overt deterrent cameras, covert cameras, remote monitoring and access control.

At Signal Securities we always strive to strike a balance between user-friendly, simple and effective hardware and software, so that protecting your assets is as simple as possible. alarm systems

Monitored Alarm Systems

Remote monitoring ensures security and investment go further giving you all the benefits of 24/7 protection without the need for a permanently manned site presence.

Perimeter Systems

Perimeter Security alarms can be applied to areas posing a safety risk to unauthorised people such as prisons, building sites, firing range, areas etc. Perimeter Protection can be used to provide an early warning of intrusion or trespass.

Wireless Alarms

The main benefit to having a wireless alarms system is that there is no need for cabling, the system can be installed much faster than equivalent hard-wired alarms and causes minimal disruption for the occupants and no damage to the building.

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